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Moisture meter

The Hydromette UNI 2 is an electronic and universal triple measuring instrument. A large range of GANN (active) electrodes can be connected with this device. Structural moisture, air humidity and temperature can be measured. A connection with the (active) electrodes that are listed below is possible:

– B 50, B 60 and LB 70 for a non-destructive measurement of moisture and location of moisture in building materials
– MB 35 for surface moisture measurements on concrete
– MH 34 for measurement of high moisture values (40 – 200 % m.c.) in conifers
– IR 40 EL for surface temperature measurement, thermal bridging and dew point
– RF-T 28, RF-T 31, RH-T 37 EL and RH-T 37 EL flex for air humidity- and air temperature measurement
– as well as all Pt 100 probes of our range of temperature sensors

Technical specifications

Range Structural materials:

0 - 80 digits (conversion into % of dry weight by graph)

0 - 199 digits (scanning range) with probes B 50, B 60 and LB 71

0.3 - 8.5 % of dry weight by conversion table using probes B 50, B 60 and LB 71

0.3 - 6.5 % CM with probes B 50, B 60 and LB 71 by conversion table

5 - 98 % R.H. using probe RH-T 37 EL (conversion into % of dry weight by sorption isotherms)

Range Air-humidity:

5 - 98 % R.H. depending on RF-T probe

Range Temperature:

-200° - +600° C depending on Pt 100 probe

-20° - +199,9° C including infrared IR 40 EL probe

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