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Moisture meter

The RTU 600 is an electronic four-in-one meter designed for measurements of wood moisture, structural moisture, air humidity and temperature. The meter is equipped with a universal wood species corrector, suitable for every wood species and automatic temperature compensation from -10° – +90° C. Moreover, it can also be connected with the active measuring electrodes that are listed below:

B 50, B 60 and LB 71 for a non-destructive measurement of moisture and location of moisture in building materials
IR 40 EL for surface temperature measurement, thermal bridging and dew point
RF-T 28, RF-T 31, RH-T 37 EL and RH-T 37 EL flex for air humidity and air temperature measurement
as well as all Pt 100 probes of our range of temperature sensors
The Hydromette is especially applicable for painters, interior constructors, parquet layers, parquet flooring industry, wood working industries, artificial drying kilns, construction companies, architects, authorized experts, housing enterprises and administrative bodies for structural engineering.

Technical specifications

Range Structural materials:

0 - 80 digits (conversion into % of dry weight by graph)

0 - 199 digits (scanning range) with probes B 50, B 60 and LB 71

0.3 - 8.5 % of dry weight by conversion table using probes B 50, B 60 and LB 71

0.3 - 6.5 % CM with probes B 50, B 60 and LB 71 by conversion table

5 - 98 % R.H. using probe RH-T 37 EL (conversion into % of dry weight by sorption isotherms)

Range Wood:

4 - 100 % m.c. by using the resistance measuring method

Range Air humidity:

5 - 98 % R.H. depending on RF-T probe

Range Temperature:

-200° - +600° C depending on Pt 100 probe

-20° - +199,9° C including infrared IR 40 EL probe

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