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MAX-FT10-RT433 – Nokeval

Wireless temperature transmitter with internal Pt100 sensor. This is composed product of the radio transmitter module, the measurement module and a whip-antenna.

The MAX-FT10-RT433 is a wireless transmitter with internal Pt100 sensor. The device consists of a radio transmitter module MAX-FT10-RT433 and a measurement module MAX-FT10 and also from a whip-antenna. The design and construction of the device gives the
devices high measuring accuracy and stability along with outstanding durability and resistance against adverse environmental conditions. The device includes 433.92 MHz radio transmitter and detachable whip-antenna which enables transmissions out of closed steel cabinets and other difficult targets.

The measuring module recommended calibration period is one year. A radio transmitter module does not need calibration so it stays attached in its original installation place with an antenna. We offer calibration agreement where we send replacement measurement modules which will be changed without any tools to the places of the measurement modules that are currently in use. After this the measurement modules with old calibration will be sent back to us. This prevents breaks in measurement use that would be caused by calibration and the calibration service is very inexpensive compared to all other solutions. The endurance of the battery is up to five years, but new battery is part of the calibration service. The device fulfills the mechanical and measuring accuracy requirements of the EN 13485 standard. It also conforms to the requirements of the standards EN 13486 and EN 12830 where applicable.

Technical specifications

Inputs signals: Pt100

Accuracy: +/- 0,5°C

Input channels: 1

Measuring range: -30...+60°C

Transmission interval: 5 s... 5 min

Coverage range: in open space up to 1.000 meters

Output channels: 1

Outputs: 433 MHz radio signal

Programming: MekuWin or 6790

Supply voltage: battery: 1,5V AA alkaline

Battery life: over 3 years with 80 seconds transmit interval

Sensor type: Pt100

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C

Minimum ambient temperature: -30°C

Case material: plastic

Protection class: IP66

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