DOG displays

Low power displays! Ideal for handheld applications, available as character or graphic display.


With its EA DOG series, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY presents the world’s first display series which will run on 3.3 V systems without auxiliary power.
Unlike normal LCD modules, you order the display and the corresponding backlight separately. This gives you a wealth of possible combinations.
Designed for compact hand-held devices, this modern LCD range provides a number of real benefits with or without backlight

2 different variants are available for individual backlighting: monochrome amber and multi-color green/red/white. For the amber backlight, 2 separate LED paths are available, which can be switched in parallel or in series to ideally match the system voltage. This means that all the backlights can be run either at 3.3 V and higher voltages. Operation of the backlight requires an external series resistor for current limiting

Technical specifications

Data interface: SPI

Supply voltage: 3.3 volt

Operating temperature: -20 to +70 degrees

Viewing angle: 6:00

Power consumption without backlight (mA): 032

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