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The CurveX 3 standard offers easy-to-use, high quality temperate data logging for curing ovens.

Pedak CurveX 3 Standard

CurveX 3 Standard

The CurveX 3 standard offers easy-to-use, high quality temperate data logging for paint curing ovens. Measurements, analysis levels and report options are fully customizable to provide you with tailor-made information on the quality of your curing processes. The data logger is fitted with a large full colour touchscreen for easy menu-driven operation and quick display of measurement results. The data logger has 6 channels and a total memory of 250.000 measuring points.

The analysis data software allows you to analyse the logged data and create detailed reports. These advanced features, together with a wide range of display and printing options, makes the CurveX 3 standard a very flexible temperature data logging solution, suited for both field use and laboratory conditions.

The CurveX 3 Standard oven logger kit also contains an insulation box with heat sink. The CurveX instulation boxes are specifally designed to protect the CurveX data loggers to harsh environment in industrial ovens. All insulation boxes are made of a polished stainless steel outer box filled with micro porous insulation material to prevent the oven heat to penetrate the aluminium inner box.

Add the desired magnetic or clamp type probes to make the oven logger kit complete. CurveX temperature probes are specifically designed to measure oven air temperature and the part surface temperature in an oven. All probes are made of premium grade thermo couple K wire, which guarantees the highest accuracy available. High class magnet and springs are used that do not disintegrate or lose force at high temperatures. The various probe allow measuring on every part regardless of its shape or size.

Technical specifications

Channels: 6x thermocouple type K input

Measuring range: 0 to 1.200°C

Accuracy: +/- 0,5°C (static), +/- 1,0°C (dynamic)

Memory: 10 blocks with 25.000 or 1 block with 250.000 readings

Interface: USB-A data transfer to memory stick

Sample interval time: 1 to 3.600 seconds

Display: 3,5 inch 240 x 320 pixel, 262K colour TFT LCD with touch screen

Power supply: lithium polymer rechargeable battery

Battery life: continuous use 4 hours, standby or logging 11 hours

Dimensions: 108 x 90 x 35 mm

Weight: 425 grams

Material: aluminum housing with protective sleeve

CheckOptional with calibration

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