What is an e-paper display?

Among its other applications, the ePaper display can be found in e-readers. The digital way of reading books. This technology was designed so that the display would mimic the appearance of ink on paper. Reading is less of a strain on the eyes than with conventional displays because it does not emit light.

The e-paper displays by ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY (EA) offer very high contrast. They can be read in sunlight and even without additional lighting.


E-paper display technology

E-paper displays operate without power. The only time a brief supply of energy is needed is when the segments are changed. This makes the display ideal for battery operation and is therefore economical too.


The technology works by means of conductive plastic. The screen is filled with small capsules containing minuscule black and white particles that have a positive (white) or negative (black) charge. If there is a positive charge on a capsule, the black particles move up and the white balls are pushed down. By applying different charges on the many capsules in the screen, you can display characters. When the charge is switched off, the black and white particles stay where they are.



E-paper displays are used for long-lasting displays that retain the capability of being changed. For example price tags in hospitality wholesale companies and large retail chains. They are also known as e-labels because they show the price of an item.

The display can also be easily used in restaurants to show table numbers or “reserved” signs. They can also be used as personal name badges at trade fairs.

Some advantages of e-paper over LCD:

  • It is lighter
  • Thinner and more flexible
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Display can be read without power
  • No background lighting required


Which display do I need?

At Pedak we have various displays in our product range. We would be happy to help you find the best solution for your application. Whether it turns out to be an LCD, TFT or e-Paper display, we will help you with sound advice and excellent service.

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