Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Working at Pedak

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"All measurement questions answered by our knowledge and experience."

Pedak provides measurement solutions to companies and institutions with a measurement question. A solution is only good enough if it fits perfectly to the measurement question. The Pedak staff is ready to answer any measurement question. And if a "standard" solution is not sufficient, Pedak offers a customized solution. That's what Pedak stands for, for 40 years, with great experience, a wealth of knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm.



"Pedak as a connecting factor between customer, product / supplier and team, making Pedak THE term in measuring technology."

These guidelines we have in mind every step we take:

  • Pedak is a partner for the customer in answering all measurement questions
  • Pedak has a strong base by long-term relationships with suppliers and products
  • Pedak has a powerful team with knowledge, commitment, experience and enthusiasm



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The Netherlands

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