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Roland Vossen - director Pedak meettechniek

From Antarctica to Africa. Measuring solutions of Pedak are all over the world. That's not surprising, because Pedak is the expert in measuring, recording and displaying.

Knowledge is power. With the right information you can make the right decisions. And the right information you get with the right equipment. "What we do at Pedak is so much more than supplying measuring instruments," says director Roland Vossen. "We find a measurement solution for the question of our customer. By exactly analyzing what the customer wants to measure, we can come with a tailored advice. We not only supply the equipment, but also take care of the maintenance and calibration. If there is no standard equipment available for a given problem, we have the expertise to develop a device ourselves. Like this we ensure our customers have exactly the solution they need."

Fresh classes and productive greenhouses
In schools CO2 meters of Pedak make sure there can be worked in a fresh indoor climate. If there is too much CO2 in the air, the teacher gets a signal that ventilation is needed. At the dish it's guaranteed to find something on your plate that is produced using the measurement techniques of Pedak.

Your tomato was able to grow in the ideal greenhouse climate with the right temperature and humidity. The shelf life of the cookie with the coffee is determined after measurements with Pedak equipment. And if you take a shower after a game of football a temperature meter of Pedak probably prevents you for becoming infected with Legionella. If you end up in the hospital, you can also rest assured. Pedak equipment monitores the climate so no contamination can occur. A safe idea for the patient, but also for the staff!

Surprising questions
Finding the right measurement solutions is never boring. Roland: "Boring? Never! The questions we get are surprising again and again", says Roland Vossen. "Delft University wanted to measure climate change. We delivered weather stations which are stationed in Africa. Also on the South Pole our meters are present. NASA wanted to measure the climate in a test laboratory and this question came to us. That's cool!"


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